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Lebanese Moussaka (Maghmour)

Vegan moussaka with eggplant and chickpeas

Course Main Course
Cuisine Lebanese
Keyword Authentic, Eggplant, vegan
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 2
Author Zaatar and Zaytoun


  • 2 Large Eggplants approx 750g
  • Drizzle regular olive oil
  • 1 large onion sliced into strips
  • 2 garlic cloves chopped
  • 1/4 tsp 7 spice
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp tomato concentrate
  • 1-2 cups boiling water
  • 1 can chickpeas
  • 2 tsp salt approx


  1. Cut the eggplants into 2cm rounds or lengthways. Brush with regular olive oil and griddle until mostly done, set aside

  2. Add a good drizzle of olive oil (2-3 tablespoons) and sauté the onions on medium heat until golden

  3. Lower the heat and add the garlic, sauté for another 5 minutes on low
  4. Add the tomatoes, tomato concentrate, chickpeas and 7 spice and boiling water. Bring to the boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer for 15 minutes

  5. Add the eggplants and salt and simmer for another 20-30 minutes until the eggplants are well done

  6. Taste the sauce and adjust the salt if necessary, serve with warm pitta bread